Frequently Asked Questions

What is ClearAI's B2B offering?

ClearAI's B2B services provide businesses with easy access to personalized knowledge bases powered by AI. This service allows you to integrate AI-driven chat capabilities into your applications, enhancing customer support, automating responses, and creating engaging chatbots.

Who can benefit from ClearAI's B2B services?

ClearAI's B2B services are designed to benefit a wide range of businesses across various industries. Initially, we are focusing on double-sided marketplace platforms, but our services are adaptable for any sector looking to leverage AI with their documentation.

How can I get started with ClearAI's B2B services?

To get started, you can sign up for a ClearAI account on our website at https://www.clearai.com/signup. Once registered, you'll access your unique API key in the developer section of your account settings. You can then utilize our user-friendly dashboard to upload documents, create a knowledge base, and test AI chat functionality.

What is the pricing structure for ClearAI's B2B services?

ClearAI's B2B pricing is based on usage. You will be charged based on storage tiers, determined by the number and size of documents, as well as the number of API calls made. This usage-based pricing allows you to scale your usage according to your specific needs.

What support and training resources are available for B2B customers?

ClearAI provides comprehensive support and training resources, including user documentation, FAQs, API documentation, and best practice recommendations. These resources are designed to assist your business in effectively utilizing our B2B capabilities.

How does ClearAI differentiate itself from competitors in the B2B market?

While there may be competitors in the B2B market, ClearAI's focus is on delivering an outstanding customer experience. We offer personalized support, a seamless user journey, and a commitment to helping you achieve your AI integration goals.

What channels are available to contact ClearAI for assistance?

Initially, all customer engagement will be managed directly by our founders and engineers. You can have direct contact with us, including access to our cell numbers for personalized support.

What is ClearAI's roadmap for future development?

ClearAI is actively developing its API, dashboard, and documentation wiki to enhance our B2B offerings continually. We are dedicated to evolving our services to meet the evolving needs of our B2B clients.

How can I stay updated on ClearAI's B2B developments and news?

You can stay updated on ClearAI's B2B developments and news by visiting our website and following our social media channels. We will also communicate important updates and announcements through our newsletter.

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